life’s a taco!

M and i are simply smitten by the latest (now a year old) muppet movie.  i’ve always loved the muppets…watching the muppet show is an early-ish memory for me, as are the muppet babies.  rolf, fozzie, kermie, gonzo, AN-I-MAAAALLLL – how can you NOT love them?

anyway.  we heard great things about the movie from a couple in line with us at target several months back.  they were purchasing it on dvd.  M and i chose it as our in-flight/airport entertainment for our trip east this summer.  we don’t really watch tv or movies because of M’s adhd doesn’t really lend itself to sitting still and focusing on a screen for an hour and change.  but we had a long layover on our way back and were pretty beat.  we were hooked.  as i said, smitten.  this song is our favorite.  bret mckenzie (oscar winning musical composer for the film) has been a favorite for a while because of flight of the conchords.  it’s not strange to hear us quoting lines from this song to each other out of the blue.

here’s the non-movie version from the ny times magazine that we love (enjoy fun moments @ 1:37 and 2:00):