+it’s good to be alone

+you eat a LITTLE more than half of the doughnut you are going to share with someone you love

+you eat two whole doughnuts to yourself…and that’s okay

+you should take your time drinking your coffee

+you get really excited about birthdays that are still months and months away

+you need to go barefoot…or sandal-ed.  the sun feels good on your toes

+quiet is the best sound

+pinterest is not as helpful as you want it to be

+the same can be said for facebook

+you’re not great at the thing you want to be great at…and that’s hard to accept

+you should still try to be great

+you should fold your laundry.  not all the times…but sometimes because that makes M happy

+you think about the job you left and how much happier you are because of that

+you just need to write out a list.  so you do.  and it feels good.

happy long memorial weekend.



it’s cold.  and windy.  and the snow has started.  R doesn’t know what to do with herself – she’s dying to go outside, but is so confused by the flurries.  silly pup.  she played in snow a bunch when we first brought her home in february!

today i’m pushing through some stress by eating warm chocolate chip pumpkin cake for breakfast and drinking some tea out of one of my favorite HUGE mugs.  there will also be cooking and maybe even some baking prep for the holidays.  i’ve pulled out some of my gramma’s classic recipes and some of the new favorites that i’ve discovered in the past few years of being a ‘grown up’ and gifting on my own.  such a strange feeling being so far from ‘home’ during the holidays.  i don’t know if i’ll ever adjust.  i’ll admit…it hurts my heart just thinking about another thanksgiving and christmas away from beauport.  not even jessica simpson, nat king cole, and she&him carols can take that away completely.

and because i’m on a mini-roll again (yayyy), here’s my appreciation for the day!

hope your day is less blustery but just as thankful!


M and i really like the local version of Whole Foods that we have here.  it’s called the Good Food Store, and it generally lives up to it’s name: good.  i enjoy their large bulk-item section, especially when diving into a new recipe that i’m not 100% sure about.  the staff is usually really knowledgeable   they have some pretty yummy veggie sushi.  they carry a delicious blackberry sorbet that M drools over.  there’s also the salad bar and the awesome broccoli salad with craisins and sunflower seeds.  the GFS is good.  real good.

but down to the issue at hand:  the breakfast burritos.  they’re something that M and i enjoy on occasion as a quick, nom-tastic breakfast date.  you can choose from eggs or tofu, with or without potatoes.  they also let you add three more items to your burrito – salsa, sour cream, cheese, bacon, avocado, and tomato.  super delish.  hooray for adding more.  but there’s a catch.  only three more items?  i mean, i want my eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese, salsa…oh no!  NO!  those are all my options!  i still need to add sour cream.  or avocado!  wait!!!

now i’ve had this conversation with M on numerous occasions.  to be completely fair, you CAN add extra items at 50¢ each.  but that doesn’t seem right.  why isn’t cheese a given?!  why can’t people see that you really need the egg/tofu, potatoes and FOUR more options?  and then it hit me.  vegans.

if you’re vegan – and there are a whole bunch here in town, all enjoying the GFS – your burrito would look like this: tofu and potatoes plus salsa, avocado, and tomato.  see that?  just three pick-your-own items.  that’s where the line is drawn.  with the vegan choices.
so thanks, vegans.  real smooth of you to infiltrate and limit my breakfast noms.  next time, i’m going to the BSB.

(good) morning

out here, it’s still a bit dark at 6:30am.  i like to be in bed, under the covers, all snuggly and such at that time of the morning.  particularly on days when i’m closing the store and don’t have to be into work until 2pm.

so naturally, this morning i was up at 6:30am and pulling on layers of warm clothes.  wool socks.  patagonia base layers.  a hat.  it’s cold at 6:30am.  and colder when you hike up waterworks hill.

the things i do for my dog and my man.

oh yes.  and for my health.  that too.
but you’ve got to admit, the view is pretty sweet…


**also remembering what today is and all those deeply and permanently effected by the events 11 years ago.  (and particularly everyone who was with me on the couches in campus ministry as we listened in confusion, disbelief, and horror.)**