+it’s good to be alone

+you eat a LITTLE more than half of the doughnut you are going to share with someone you love

+you eat two whole doughnuts to yourself…and that’s okay

+you should take your time drinking your coffee

+you get really excited about birthdays that are still months and months away

+you need to go barefoot…or sandal-ed.  the sun feels good on your toes

+quiet is the best sound

+pinterest is not as helpful as you want it to be

+the same can be said for facebook

+you’re not great at the thing you want to be great at…and that’s hard to accept

+you should still try to be great

+you should fold your laundry.  not all the times…but sometimes because that makes M happy

+you think about the job you left and how much happier you are because of that

+you just need to write out a list.  so you do.  and it feels good.

happy long memorial weekend.