something of interest.

first i read this article…

Why Gen Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

it’s interesting.  there are cartoon charts and a message that makes some sense.  but while reading it, i felt rather silly.  i mean, i’m a Gen Y kid.  am i entitled?  am i spoiled?  do i set the bar too high, but fail to work my butt off to reach that bar?  hmmm.  pretty sure i’ve been working my butt off since middle school.  pretty sure i have a good degree.  absolutely sure that good degree is completely paid for thanks to my car accident.  pretty sure that i’ve worked in my field, but then had to leave my field, only to rejoin it this spring.  oh.  and i’m absolutely sure that although i’m working and working, i’m still not able to purchase a home or pay for a wedding or start a family on one income…or even on the two incomes of our household.

so then this article came out…

I’m Gen Y

it’s also interesting.  there are valid points here defending the Gen Y folks, and explaining that our parents didn’t have to struggle through the (let’s use the appropriate term here) economic depression that we are struggling through.  i guess after reading them both, i’m still not making any more money and the economy is still horrific.  but chin up folks!  there are still plenty of articles being posted on facebook for us to read while we’re staying poor and setting our unrealistically high special expectations.  so there’s that.