same old story…

…not much to say. (hearts are broken every day? thanks jewel.)

life here is mundane and monotonous and meh and other m-words. we are very much just going along with the daily grind as the weeks push past. M works doubles. i work weird hours. R cruises along with minor (and some times major) adventures in chewing up things we need – the other day it was M’s phone charger; which translates into time in the kennel while we’re not home. however, there is some light at the end of this smokey tunnel, and it’s both super and sad at the same time.

friday ushers in the following:
+ my first weekend off without any sort of travel or guests or craziness since JUNE! although that weekend was also crazy on account of M’s surprise party.
+ naturally, this means we’re leaving town to go camping (staying put is just too…easy).
+ Melissa+Peter (and Zoe) are coming camping with us – hooray for new friends and new adventures!
+ our wonderful, longtime, dear friends The Ruffos are moving to north dakota on monday, and we’ll have a ‘so long’ cookout on friday night. it hasn’t fully hit us that they’re actually leaving, and all three of us are going to miss them terribly. i’ll post more on this soon.

there is still a day of work and a bunch of chores and errands to run in between now and my weekend, but i can see it up ahead. it looks fantastic.

[ rainy lake – one of our favorite places to car camp – august 2012 ]


they say it’s your birthday…

it’s my sister’s birthday today.

she’s probably the funniest person i know.

she’s also incredibly giving and kind.

we couldn’t love her more.

thanks for being a wonderful sister and friend, koko.

kiki, quad & malibu are all loving you to pieces, today and every day.


M and i really like the local version of Whole Foods that we have here.  it’s called the Good Food Store, and it generally lives up to it’s name: good.  i enjoy their large bulk-item section, especially when diving into a new recipe that i’m not 100% sure about.  the staff is usually really knowledgeable   they have some pretty yummy veggie sushi.  they carry a delicious blackberry sorbet that M drools over.  there’s also the salad bar and the awesome broccoli salad with craisins and sunflower seeds.  the GFS is good.  real good.

but down to the issue at hand:  the breakfast burritos.  they’re something that M and i enjoy on occasion as a quick, nom-tastic breakfast date.  you can choose from eggs or tofu, with or without potatoes.  they also let you add three more items to your burrito – salsa, sour cream, cheese, bacon, avocado, and tomato.  super delish.  hooray for adding more.  but there’s a catch.  only three more items?  i mean, i want my eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese, salsa…oh no!  NO!  those are all my options!  i still need to add sour cream.  or avocado!  wait!!!

now i’ve had this conversation with M on numerous occasions.  to be completely fair, you CAN add extra items at 50¢ each.  but that doesn’t seem right.  why isn’t cheese a given?!  why can’t people see that you really need the egg/tofu, potatoes and FOUR more options?  and then it hit me.  vegans.

if you’re vegan – and there are a whole bunch here in town, all enjoying the GFS – your burrito would look like this: tofu and potatoes plus salsa, avocado, and tomato.  see that?  just three pick-your-own items.  that’s where the line is drawn.  with the vegan choices.
so thanks, vegans.  real smooth of you to infiltrate and limit my breakfast noms.  next time, i’m going to the BSB.

under the weather


this weekend started with a major plot twist involving six hour car rides on both friday and monday with an overnight at work sandwiched in between.  the overnight was planned, M’s trip was planned, but the detour to bozeman was not planned at all.  we rolled with it like pros, and after all was said and done, i rolled into a seriously gross 24 hour flu of some sort.

today is my day off for the week, and i am taking it easy, slowly coming out of the funk and fog.  so with good intentions of getting back on a regular posting schedule, some weekend highlights (i know you’ve been waiting for them.  especially you kourt & khlo.)…

+being R’s favorite while M is out of the picture.  early morning hikes, late afternoon hikes, super snuggles on M’s side of the bed.

+the rogue hitting 50k miles on the first drive back from bozeman.

+a perfect saturday morning – farmer’s market finds, pumpkin spice coffee, & bacon-y treats.

+trying a new recipe and tweaking an old one.

+knowing that M was in good hands back home.  i love that he loves my family, and they love him.  he got to see my grandparents and be there for my brother’s birthday.

+having a successful overnight at work.

+surprising M with the pup at the airport.  that boy loves his dog.  and she loves him.  it’s so ridiculous but so cute.

and with that, i’m going to get back to my tea and awful tv on hulu (gossip girl, anyone?).  there may be a family walk in my afternoon forecast, but it is still incredibly smokey here from the fires.  if you have any rain, send it to montana.  we need it.


having a dog definitely has ups and downs. particularly if you adopt a puppy – a young, energetic, crazy puppy.

R is having some difficulties with our family’s new schedule. she is anxious (which, i mean, duh…welcome to the club), stressed, and acting out. all perfectly normal reactions to change…for any living being. however, M and i are trying incredibly hard to still give her the attention and physical outlets that she needs and deserves. we’re trying to be good ‘puppy parents’ – a term which is both completely revolting and disturbingly accurate.

R is ignoring basic commands that she is normally capable of completing without issue. the biggest problem is that she’s not being safe when we’re out on walks. i would have a hard time getting over my girl being hit by a car. a very hard time. so definite downsides to puppy-dom.

but then there are the perks. oh the perks. like the snuggles that she so rarely gives out. or the silly hop-run combo when she’s excited about something. and the eyes…the richard alpert eyes.

today on our walk at blue mountain, R wowed every person we met. the compliments were kind and frequent ‘she’s beautiful!’  ‘look at those ears!’ ‘what a sweetheart!’…i could go on and on. but the best was hearing ‘wow, she really listens to you. anytime you talk she’s back, checking in and making sure things are okay.’ my girl. my heart was pretty full for the rest of the walk. possibly the rest of the day…it totally depends on how many of my things she rips to shreds.

t is for tunes – david byrne and st. vincent

we like the Talking Heads around these parts.  well.  i like them, M loves them.  my enjoyment is growing.

thanks to heather and her excellent taste in music, we found this collaboration between st. vincent & david byrne.  you can take a listen to the whole album here thanks to NPR’s first listen (yay, radio!).  i dare you to not love the dancing in this.  double dog dare.

<p><a href=”″>David Byrne Feat. St Vincent</a> from <a href=””>Academy Plus (A+)</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


ps – discovered that this was also just covered by, um, EVERYONE – particularly nyt, and jimmy fallon.  so apparently i’m late to the party.  again.

(good) morning

out here, it’s still a bit dark at 6:30am.  i like to be in bed, under the covers, all snuggly and such at that time of the morning.  particularly on days when i’m closing the store and don’t have to be into work until 2pm.

so naturally, this morning i was up at 6:30am and pulling on layers of warm clothes.  wool socks.  patagonia base layers.  a hat.  it’s cold at 6:30am.  and colder when you hike up waterworks hill.

the things i do for my dog and my man.

oh yes.  and for my health.  that too.
but you’ve got to admit, the view is pretty sweet…


**also remembering what today is and all those deeply and permanently effected by the events 11 years ago.  (and particularly everyone who was with me on the couches in campus ministry as we listened in confusion, disbelief, and horror.)**