life’s a taco!

M and i are simply smitten by the latest (now a year old) muppet movie.  i’ve always loved the muppets…watching the muppet show is an early-ish memory for me, as are the muppet babies.  rolf, fozzie, kermie, gonzo, AN-I-MAAAALLLL – how can you NOT love them?

anyway.  we heard great things about the movie from a couple in line with us at target several months back.  they were purchasing it on dvd.  M and i chose it as our in-flight/airport entertainment for our trip east this summer.  we don’t really watch tv or movies because of M’s adhd doesn’t really lend itself to sitting still and focusing on a screen for an hour and change.  but we had a long layover on our way back and were pretty beat.  we were hooked.  as i said, smitten.  this song is our favorite.  bret mckenzie (oscar winning musical composer for the film) has been a favorite for a while because of flight of the conchords.  it’s not strange to hear us quoting lines from this song to each other out of the blue.

here’s the non-movie version from the ny times magazine that we love (enjoy fun moments @ 1:37 and 2:00):


t is for tunes – david byrne and st. vincent

we like the Talking Heads around these parts.  well.  i like them, M loves them.  my enjoyment is growing.

thanks to heather and her excellent taste in music, we found this collaboration between st. vincent & david byrne.  you can take a listen to the whole album here thanks to NPR’s first listen (yay, radio!).  i dare you to not love the dancing in this.  double dog dare.

<p><a href=”″>David Byrne Feat. St Vincent</a> from <a href=””>Academy Plus (A+)</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


ps – discovered that this was also just covered by, um, EVERYONE – particularly nyt, and jimmy fallon.  so apparently i’m late to the party.  again.

Animal Print Superhero

Wonder Woman

(photo from:

I’ve been burning the candle at both ends.  It’s true, and it’s okay, and if I recognize it then I can get through it…right?  Right.

For the past seven months, I’ve worked the first job as a professional waitress, along with the second job in retail.  There’s also the apparent house-sitting job that I have every few months, and the OTHER food-service job that comes up from late spring to early fall.  With all that being tallied, at the current time I am holding down FOUR ‘responsibility’ titles.  Needless to say, I’m wiped.  It’s become a deep, aching tired.  M is also a busy gent himself, but recently worked a few of my kind of days…you know the sixteen hours of employment kind…and he was all “HOW DO YOU DO THIS?” which made me feel quite validated in my frequent naps and nothing-filled nights.

SO.  While at the retail job, I heard this song.  It’s so fitting.  Not that working a lot makes me a superhero, but I sure do feel like it some days…most days.  I’m working hard to make this move happen.  To make this new part of my life happen.  Having this goal is the most consuming, exhausting, fulfilling thing I’ve done in a long while.  Therefore (theme song dance party commences):

And while we’re discussing Wonder Woman.  I’ve decided my superhero ‘look’ would totally include animal prints.  Mainly this hot-hot-hot dress I found tonight when playing dress up with my sister.  We have a family wedding on July 3rd, and I couldn’t help trying on fancy, pretty things.  See I have a dress.  It’s great, yellow, Calvin Klein, and incredibly marked down at Marshalls last summer.  It’s perfect; it’s me.  But it’s not animal print.  Or bow-chicka-wow-wow hot.  This dress is.  Please buy it for me and tell me I can wear it to the wedding.

Or to the grocery store.  Or to wash the dishes.