it’s cold.  and windy.  and the snow has started.  R doesn’t know what to do with herself – she’s dying to go outside, but is so confused by the flurries.  silly pup.  she played in snow a bunch when we first brought her home in february!

today i’m pushing through some stress by eating warm chocolate chip pumpkin cake for breakfast and drinking some tea out of one of my favorite HUGE mugs.  there will also be cooking and maybe even some baking prep for the holidays.  i’ve pulled out some of my gramma’s classic recipes and some of the new favorites that i’ve discovered in the past few years of being a ‘grown up’ and gifting on my own.  such a strange feeling being so far from ‘home’ during the holidays.  i don’t know if i’ll ever adjust.  i’ll admit…it hurts my heart just thinking about another thanksgiving and christmas away from beauport.  not even jessica simpson, nat king cole, and she&him carols can take that away completely.

and because i’m on a mini-roll again (yayyy), here’s my appreciation for the day!

hope your day is less blustery but just as thankful!


Sitting, Waiting

I am not the best of waiters nor the worst. I mean this in the patience sense not the food service sense, although it applies there as well.

I have waited months (you could argue years) to be with M. Officially. In the same timezone, zipcode, house. After all this waiting, it’s happening. He’ll be here tomorrow, and we’ll be on the road in Pennsylvania this time next week. But during these three or four limbo days…more waiting.

For example, today I am waiting outside the hitch installation shop. ON THE CURB. I am a good waiter when there are chairs. I am lousy at waiting on the ground. Especially when it’s the ground next to a somewhat major highway. There are ants and the air is dirty from the cars and my bum is sore from sitting on concrete. Yes, even MY giant bum can’t help me cope with this kind of waiting.

But let’s Silver Lining this situation, shall we? I have Starbucks. I have nice weather (could you imagine if it were STILL raining like it has been for the last week…ugh!). I have my phone (with service) so I can stay connected. I have Brett Dennen and Camera Obscura on Pandora – more on this to come.

Most importantly, I am a day closer to M. He’s almost here. We’re almost there. And THAT is the best silver lining ever.

And, scene.

Yesterday was my last day at work in Beauport. I now have time to do all those things I was supposed to be getting ready for the long trip to Big Sky. Hence why I’m sitting in the car shop at 6:50am on my first day off (but FIRST IN LINE! woot!).

Today will consist of packing, cleaning, tossing, and overall preparation. It is sure to be emotional and time consuming. But I’m ready. And excited. And proud. Because I did it. I worked my kardashian-esque behind off and accomplished a huge goal. Time for the real (fun, rewarding) work to begin.

*please bear with me…my laptop bit the dust months ago, and I am posting via my incredible but small iPhone 4. man, technology is incredible! 🙂


I think that after almost two years of dating the boyf (we use the term ‘dating’ relatively loosely around these parts considering that we really only see each other four times a year), a year and a half of serious consideration, six months of actual planning, and a month of mulling over this blog idea, I am still not ready for my impending move from Beauport to Big Sky.  I shouldn’t say ‘impending’ because it is usually followed by ‘doom’ and this trip isn’t connected to doom at all.  The boyf and I are hopeful.  Scared, generally over-worked, and considered naïve by many of the people around us, but we’re hopeful.  That’s how we’ve always been with our relationship.

The boyf – M, if you will – blew into my life in June of 2010.  I wasn’t expecting him.  He certainly wasn’t expecting me.  But we found each other one rainy Saturday night and something sparked.  Our story is cute and gets lots of ‘awws’ but I need to store up ideas for future posts, so it’ll have to wait.  We spent the summer being hopeful.  In September, I got to experience Big Sky country for the first time.  It shook me – scary, deep, I’m-not-ready-for-this shook me.  (M shook me too…in the same way.)  But we stayed hopeful.  The back and forth continued for almost two years.  Big Sky grew on me with each visit.  M grew on me even more.  He’s kinda great like that.

So after a lot of talking and thinking on our own, with each other, with other people, out loud, in journals, in person, on skype, we set a date.  Our relationship, our lives are moving in a new direction.  We’re cruising towards July 4th.  K&M’s own independence day.  There is so very much to do before then, and even more to look forward to after.  Let the journey begin…as always, with hope.