same old story…

…not much to say. (hearts are broken every day? thanks jewel.)

life here is mundane and monotonous and meh and other m-words. we are very much just going along with the daily grind as the weeks push past. M works doubles. i work weird hours. R cruises along with minor (and some times major) adventures in chewing up things we need – the other day it was M’s phone charger; which translates into time in the kennel while we’re not home. however, there is some light at the end of this smokey tunnel, and it’s both super and sad at the same time.

friday ushers in the following:
+ my first weekend off without any sort of travel or guests or craziness since JUNE! although that weekend was also crazy on account of M’s surprise party.
+ naturally, this means we’re leaving town to go camping (staying put is just too…easy).
+ Melissa+Peter (and Zoe) are coming camping with us – hooray for new friends and new adventures!
+ our wonderful, longtime, dear friends The Ruffos are moving to north dakota on monday, and we’ll have a ‘so long’ cookout on friday night. it hasn’t fully hit us that they’re actually leaving, and all three of us are going to miss them terribly. i’ll post more on this soon.

there is still a day of work and a bunch of chores and errands to run in between now and my weekend, but i can see it up ahead. it looks fantastic.

[ rainy lake – one of our favorite places to car camp – august 2012 ]


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