M and i really like the local version of Whole Foods that we have here.  it’s called the Good Food Store, and it generally lives up to it’s name: good.  i enjoy their large bulk-item section, especially when diving into a new recipe that i’m not 100% sure about.  the staff is usually really knowledgeable   they have some pretty yummy veggie sushi.  they carry a delicious blackberry sorbet that M drools over.  there’s also the salad bar and the awesome broccoli salad with craisins and sunflower seeds.  the GFS is good.  real good.

but down to the issue at hand:  the breakfast burritos.  they’re something that M and i enjoy on occasion as a quick, nom-tastic breakfast date.  you can choose from eggs or tofu, with or without potatoes.  they also let you add three more items to your burrito – salsa, sour cream, cheese, bacon, avocado, and tomato.  super delish.  hooray for adding more.  but there’s a catch.  only three more items?  i mean, i want my eggs, potatoes, bacon, cheese, salsa…oh no!  NO!  those are all my options!  i still need to add sour cream.  or avocado!  wait!!!

now i’ve had this conversation with M on numerous occasions.  to be completely fair, you CAN add extra items at 50¢ each.  but that doesn’t seem right.  why isn’t cheese a given?!  why can’t people see that you really need the egg/tofu, potatoes and FOUR more options?  and then it hit me.  vegans.

if you’re vegan – and there are a whole bunch here in town, all enjoying the GFS – your burrito would look like this: tofu and potatoes plus salsa, avocado, and tomato.  see that?  just three pick-your-own items.  that’s where the line is drawn.  with the vegan choices.
so thanks, vegans.  real smooth of you to infiltrate and limit my breakfast noms.  next time, i’m going to the BSB.


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