under the weather


this weekend started with a major plot twist involving six hour car rides on both friday and monday with an overnight at work sandwiched in between.  the overnight was planned, M’s trip was planned, but the detour to bozeman was not planned at all.  we rolled with it like pros, and after all was said and done, i rolled into a seriously gross 24 hour flu of some sort.

today is my day off for the week, and i am taking it easy, slowly coming out of the funk and fog.  so with good intentions of getting back on a regular posting schedule, some weekend highlights (i know you’ve been waiting for them.  especially you kourt & khlo.)…

+being R’s favorite while M is out of the picture.  early morning hikes, late afternoon hikes, super snuggles on M’s side of the bed.

+the rogue hitting 50k miles on the first drive back from bozeman.

+a perfect saturday morning – farmer’s market finds, pumpkin spice coffee, & bacon-y treats.

+trying a new recipe and tweaking an old one.

+knowing that M was in good hands back home.  i love that he loves my family, and they love him.  he got to see my grandparents and be there for my brother’s birthday.

+having a successful overnight at work.

+surprising M with the pup at the airport.  that boy loves his dog.  and she loves him.  it’s so ridiculous but so cute.

and with that, i’m going to get back to my tea and awful tv on hulu (gossip girl, anyone?).  there may be a family walk in my afternoon forecast, but it is still incredibly smokey here from the fires.  if you have any rain, send it to montana.  we need it.


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