having a dog definitely has ups and downs. particularly if you adopt a puppy – a young, energetic, crazy puppy.

R is having some difficulties with our family’s new schedule. she is anxious (which, i mean, duh…welcome to the club), stressed, and acting out. all perfectly normal reactions to change…for any living being. however, M and i are trying incredibly hard to still give her the attention and physical outlets that she needs and deserves. we’re trying to be good ‘puppy parents’ – a term which is both completely revolting and disturbingly accurate.

R is ignoring basic commands that she is normally capable of completing without issue. the biggest problem is that she’s not being safe when we’re out on walks. i would have a hard time getting over my girl being hit by a car. a very hard time. so definite downsides to puppy-dom.

but then there are the perks. oh the perks. like the snuggles that she so rarely gives out. or the silly hop-run combo when she’s excited about something. and the eyes…the richard alpert eyes.

today on our walk at blue mountain, R wowed every person we met. the compliments were kind and frequent ‘she’s beautiful!’  ‘look at those ears!’ ‘what a sweetheart!’…i could go on and on. but the best was hearing ‘wow, she really listens to you. anytime you talk she’s back, checking in and making sure things are okay.’ my girl. my heart was pretty full for the rest of the walk. possibly the rest of the day…it totally depends on how many of my things she rips to shreds.


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