a facelift & some notes

i just made the 284th facelift/update to how this place looks – i think this will stick for a bit. clean. simple. easy to navigate. not that there’s much content to navigate. with that being said…i finally uploaded my iphone pictures onto M’s computer. this is a big deal. over 1000 photos are now available for me to use…on the computer that i actually use daily. the chances of me updating and posting on a semi-regular basis just increased by a bunch. so that’s great.

other good things:
+our washer and dryer are officially operational.
+i have already cooked something delicious today and have plans for more cooking this afternoon.
+R has been a bit of an angel today.
+the weather here is increasingly fall-like, which i love.
+there may be a giant hulu marathon in my future…like tonight. not sure what to watch.

hooray for moving in the right direction! cheesy mexican rice dip and salsa chicken? here i come!


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