living together

normally M and i have a wonderful working relationship.  not even just a working relationship – a real, committed, forever partnership.  we’re a team.  best friends.  partners.  it’s awesome.  and it has been for a long time now – almost a full year of living together!  go us!

which is why it’s so sad that i have to kill him.

M simply doesn’t understand that because we live together, he should really make sure that decisions that effect us as a family are made by both of us.  like visitors.  back to back, week+ stay, HIS FAMILY visitors.  don’t get me wrong.  i love his family.  i love visitors.  i love all of it!  unless it’s taking up my ENTIRE month of july without consideration for the fact that a) i live here too and b) we’re not going to be IN montana for the last week of july! 

so i may be on the run after today.  and M may be missing.  don’t ask too many questions.  it’ll just complicate the matter. 


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