Mastering the Art

…of (French) cooking, of course. With the upcoming move, I have become increasingly excited to get back in the kitchen. Baking, sautéing, grilling, COOKING. I do love the kitchen and food. And I love Julia Child.

I was sparked (no judgement, please) by the movie Julie and Julia. I mean, Meryl and Stanley Tucci?! WIN. So after seeing it, my mom bought Julia’s cookbook for my youngest sister, and followed it up with My Life in France. They sat (and sat and sat) neglected. I coveted both books in big way. So I picked up My Life and haven’t been able to put it down. Highly recommend it to all. The relationship that Julia has with Paul, with her friends, with her family, with France, with FOOD is inspiring.

I think I will marry Paul Child when I grow up. Or Stanley Tucci. Or at least cook a lot of Julia’s recipes in my new kitchen while pretending that M is Mr. Tucci’s version of Mr. Child.


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