Sitting, Waiting

I am not the best of waiters nor the worst. I mean this in the patience sense not the food service sense, although it applies there as well.

I have waited months (you could argue years) to be with M. Officially. In the same timezone, zipcode, house. After all this waiting, it’s happening. He’ll be here tomorrow, and we’ll be on the road in Pennsylvania this time next week. But during these three or four limbo days…more waiting.

For example, today I am waiting outside the hitch installation shop. ON THE CURB. I am a good waiter when there are chairs. I am lousy at waiting on the ground. Especially when it’s the ground next to a somewhat major highway. There are ants and the air is dirty from the cars and my bum is sore from sitting on concrete. Yes, even MY giant bum can’t help me cope with this kind of waiting.

But let’s Silver Lining this situation, shall we? I have Starbucks. I have nice weather (could you imagine if it were STILL raining like it has been for the last week…ugh!). I have my phone (with service) so I can stay connected. I have Brett Dennen and Camera Obscura on Pandora – more on this to come.

Most importantly, I am a day closer to M. He’s almost here. We’re almost there. And THAT is the best silver lining ever.


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